Véritables stars du Net et prenant ainsi la place qu’ils méritent tous, les photos d’animaux font toujours un carton sur divers sites et c’est une bonne raison pour proposer un best-of en images.

Taiga the polar bear grabs a tree branch at the Quebec Aquarium in Quebec City
Ours polaire. Image Reuters
Girafe. Image AFP
Macaques japonais ou singes des neiges. Image AFP

A Northern Cardinal sits on a tree branch in falling snow in the New York City suburb of Nyack
Cardinal rouge. Image Reuters
Singe indien. Image AFP
Léopard. Image AFP
Éléphanteau. Image AFP
A zebra is pictured at the Portobello Resort, where the Italy soccer team will be based during the 2014 World Cup, in Mangaratiba
Zèbre. Image Reuters
hippopotame nain
Hippopotame nain. Image Zoo de Bâle
Panda Hao Hao eats during an official ceremony in Brugelette
Panda. Image Reuters
Two brown bear cubs play in their enclosure at Juraparc animal park near Vallorbe
Oursons bruns. Image Reuters
Servals. Image Zoo de Servion
Marutaro l’hérisson. Image Twitter @hedgehogdays
A sheep with dyed pink wool grazes in a field near the village of Balintoy
Mouton rose. Image Reuters
Norman hérisson pygmée. Image Instagram @brettjessie
A newborn walrus calf looks out from its compound as it is presented to the public in Hamburg
Morse. Image Reuters
A firefighter holds a red panda from its tail while removing it from a tree at a residential area in Kunming
Panda roux. Image Reuters
Three-legged Chihuahua Stella Star poses for a portrait during Mercedes Benz Swim Fashion Week in Miami
Chihuahua. Image Reuters
Guépards. Image Zoo de Bâle
A 29-day-old Labrador puppy sleeps against a tree at a courtyard in Beijing
Labrador. Image Reuters
A female dog feeds two-day-old tiger cubs and her puppy at a zoo in Hefei
Chienne & tigres. Image Reuters
Two unnamed female Sri Lankan baby leopards (Panthera pardus kotiya) are seen in a zoo in Maubeuge
Léopards. Image Reuters
A zookeeper feeds baby Hamadryas baboons milk at a zoo in Hangzhou
Babouins. Image Reuters
White lions lie in an enclosure at Belgrade's "Good Hope Garden" zoo
Lionnes blanches. Image Reuters
A Western Lowland Gorilla named Mbeli holds her baby in their enclosure at Sydney's Taronga Zoo
Gorille. Image Reuters
A baby elephant plays with white elephants during their bath in their enclosure near the Uppatasanti Pagoda in Naypyitaw
Éléphanteau. Image Reuters
A three-month-old macaque bites its toe in front of a fan heater at a wildlife park in Kunming, Yunnan province
Macaque. Image Reuters
Tigre du Bengale. Image AFP
Horses feed at a private farm in the village of Girsk, southwest of Minsk
Chevaux. Image Reuters
Hibou. Image AFP
Flamingos are seen in a nature reserve park in Panyu district south of Guangzhou
Flamands roses. Image Reuters
An orangutan dressed in a Santa Claus outfit takes part during the Animal Christmas party at Malabon Zoo in Manila
Orang Outan. Image Reuters